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Chung Do Kwan UK

Is a Taekwondo group that works for all Chung Do Kwan members. Irrespective of association or affiliation, we are all members of the global Chung Do Kwan family and can unite in the common goal of strengthening our bonds and promoting Chung Do Kwan.  Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo is effectively the same style as is promoted by the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ).

Chung Do Kwan which translates as Blue Wave School is one of the oldest of the original 6 Kwans, being formed in 1944 under Lee Won Kuk. The President of Chung Do Kwan is Grand Master Park Hae Man seen in the picture below with various Chung Do Kwan instructors from around the UK attending the annual camp in Korea.

We have schools throughout the country

Chung Do Kwan UK can provide Dan certification directly from Chung Do Kwan headquarters in Korea and signed by Grand Master Park Hae Man.

If you are Chung Do kwan or would like to enquire about Chung Do Kwan events, activities or certification please email enquiries@chungdokwanuk.org.uk

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